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Touraj Grant

Obtain the hardware to develop the software

The future economy will be run by those who understand the hardware and software that run the applications and systems we use and depend on every day. In an attempt to spark the interest of digital development in the future leaders of tomorrow, the LeTouPAO Foundation has established the Touraj Grant.

The background

Our father thought of and invented a number of things that are still in use today, including a number of use cases that involve wireless communications. He was also a massive believer in never giving up, whether on a project or a person. In order to continue his love of technology and opportunity, we created this award, which provides one K-12 public school a Raspberry Pi 400 plus a monitor.

Who qualifies

After the inaugural award in 2022, future awardees will be randomly chosen from public schools in the U.S., using an official list and a random selection script.

Who verifies

All three brothers will be together to ensure there are no technical issues and the selection is truly random. Management of the award will be determined at the time additional logistical details are finalized with the awardee.