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Parichehr's Pantry

A healthy home is a happy home

When it comes to supporting the educational efforts of our children as well as ourselves when we want to make a career change, the importance of a clean and well resourced classroom or home cannot be underestimated. In order to help provide anyone undertaking an education-focused effort to improve themselves and their situation, the LeTouPAO Foundation has established Parichehr's Pantry.

The background

Our grandmother is our family's matriarch. Her constant smile and eternal desire to make us comfortable helped create an environment where we were able to learn and gain confidence in ourselves. In order to replicate this incredible opportunity for others, we created this award, which provides one K-12 public school, with a $50 American Express gift card every month or a lump sum of $600, depending on the teacher's needs.

The Parichehr's Pantry Alum

We are so proud of everyone who works to educate our children. We wish we could thank everyone who has ever helped someone get ahead or acheive their educational goals, but for the time being, this is a list of the recipients of this award. Congratulations to them and we can't wait to see what they and the students they work with are able to accomplish!

Who qualifies

We are always seeking nominations for a teacher or school that could benefit!

Who verifies

All three brothers will be together to ensure there are no technical issues and the selection is made in accordance with our pre-established rules. Management of the award will be determined at the time additional logistical details are finalized with the awardee.