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PAO Fund

Help the helpless as best as we can

Providing our youngest students with an insight into the exotic animals around the world and the natural wonders in their own backyards will be a key part of creating a sustainable future. With a focus on exposing the youngest students to the animals, insects, and plants that live around them, giving our students a better understanding of how they fit into the global ecosystem will help inspire the ideas we need to see us into the future.

The background

We are lovers of animals, we are caretakers of plants. The natural world has long been both a refuge and a sought after goal of all of us and we know there are many who feel the same way. In order to help those who do think the same way, we created this fund, which provides awardees with a cash donation.

Who qualifies

After the inaugural award in 2022, future awardees will be chosen from organizations in the U.S. that focus on educating others about nature.

Who verifies

All three brothers will work together to choose one organization and determine the best way to make our contribution. Management of the award will be determined at the time additional logistical details are finalized with the awardee.