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Leila Scholarship

Get a certification to get ahead

Learning skills that are used in today's economy, such as Data Analytics, IT Support, Project Management, UX Design, and Automation with Python, is one of the easiest ways to advance a person's career. In order to help a person pick up some of the most important skills that will be required in today's digital economy, the LeTouPAO Foundation has established the Leila Scholarship.

The background

Our mother - to this day - teaches us the value and importance of education. Her own incredible achievements in two very complicated fields remains inspirational and continues to push us to make the most of our own endeavors. In order to provide others with this wonderful personal and professional foundation for success, we created this award, which provides the selected community college one year's worth of tuition for Google's courses with Coursera.

Who qualifies

After the inaugural award in 2022, future awardees will be chosen from students at a community college in the U.S.

Who verifies

All three brothers will be together to ensure there are no technical issues and the selection is truly random. Management of the award will be determined at the time additional logistical details are finalized with the awardee.